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Whether you are looking for a fast food to grab lunch, a caterer to book for your next event, a grocery store to pick up or deliver? We got you!

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Food & Beverage

Fastfoods, Restaurants, Bakers, Caterers, Private chefs and more


Grocery stores both online and in store, grocery retailers, wholesalers, superfoods, snacks and more


Consultants, graphic designers, Real estate agents, fitness coaches, virtual assistants, hair stylists and more.


African fashion brands, boutiques, designers online stores, walk in stores and more.


Upcoming events where you can make new connections, get educated, enjoy African cuisine and more

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“The plug for all African events and businesses”

What is Kscope?

“Making the African community accessible to all”

“The hub for African businesses”

“Provider of black business directory, connects Africans to African centered events, curated discounts from African businesses for your audience”

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