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Dye Me African !

Hellllo 🙂 okay how’s everyone doing ?? great I suppose , well I’ve got good news and bad news , bad news is this would probably be my last picture post for a bit lol, I don’t know how long “a bit ” will be but yh …. I was sorta like dared that I can’t live without taking pictures like “Yvonne takes too many Pictures” “Yvonne loves herself ” lol which I clearly do but yh I’m just doing this to give people the benefit of doubt that I can actually live without taking pictures lol, so I added that to my list of things I’ll have to reduce to completely stop lol sorta sounds like Rehab but yh you get my drift ! I think I can do it ………. what do you think ????

So back to the actual story behind the title of this post which is the good news, I’ll be featuring a friend of mine Lara.. I have mentioned her in a couple of my previous post but yh !! her outfit to Church yesterday was beautiful … It was African printed and the design was neat ……. her outfit in a whole was valid (Y) and I on the other hand wore an African tye and dye pair of pants 🙂 I was feeling kinda uncertain about the way I combined it with other things but most people complimented it so yh 🙂

And yes, the sermon was great too, it sorta complimented the sermon from last Sunday ; Humanity was made in the image of a Relational God hence the crave for relationships, friendships etc, the world has fallen and even in the best environment , it’s not good to be alone ; how much more a fallen world. One tends to worry when something is wrong in a relationship, they try so hard to fix things just because of the fear of being alone and It’s completely healthy; Well that’s where Glad Life’s Groups come in … Different groups to help with and to stay in touch with you if you ever feel lonely 🙂 I mean you could talk to me too but Yh 🙂 That was the Sermon for today … Try as much as possible to be nice to people , you never know what they are going through ei ! 🙂 Have a blessed and progressive week ahead people! 🙂

Here are the pictures 🙂









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