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Todun Designs ; A Touch of Eccentricity…


Todun Designs is one African Print incorporated line that I like ! what caught my attention was their bow-ties ! like I mentioned in some of my previous post, I’m a biiig fann of anything African Print and a sucker for bow-ties, sooo when you put these two things together, It;s  like summer in December for me ! Like the good weather + multiple gifts season! Delilah is beautiful !!!!!! that bow-tie has to be one of the neatest ankara bow-ties ever ! so I went ahead and got it

This Beauty 🙂

The have other good looking bow ties as well ! Another thing that I love from them Has to be the Aurora Neck Piece, It’s no longer on there 😦 Guess I was late ! But I’d show it anyway

I love how the combination of so many bits and pieces come together to give this beautiful eccentric look 🙂 I still and will always have love for this neck piece !!!

Their Fall Collection “ JAGUN ” is pretty interesting too !!

I like  Bowie . the irregular ankara bow-tie placed on a clutch 🙂

Amara is nice too!

SoG Neckchain

Todun Signature Brooch  xo

It looks like Aurora’s smaller sister 🙂 It’s beautiful

Todun Signature Brooch II

They Also Have a shoe collection “Manie



today 🙂

That’s all for now 🙂


2 comments on “Todun Designs ; A Touch of Eccentricity…

  1. I’m loving Bowie and Amara the most right now, seeing as I feel that I can never have enough bags, but I’m really feeling you on the bow tie. Bow ties are pretty classy on their own, so I think the addition of the African print gives it a bit of a fun twist! 🙂


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