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The Sudbury Multicultural and Folks Arts Association (SMFAA) Gala

Last Friday was the SMFAA’s Annual Gala, I wore a green and blue African printed custom made dress 🙂 , the Aurora Neck Piece from Todun Designs ( post on that here –> ) and my earrings from Le Chateau! I really love this dress, my mum had it made for me and sent it right over, I love you mum ! May the Good Lord continue to bless her!! Amen !!!!! The Gala was nice, I can’t really remember how much was raised but I remember it ending in a good way 🙂  The Afro Heritage community will be having their Gala soon and I was asked if I’d want to be a co host , last time I was very shy , hopefully this time I will be less shy 🙂 You should come through !! I will be talking more about it when the day has been set 🙂

Here are some pictures from that evening

4 comments on “The Sudbury Multicultural and Folks Arts Association (SMFAA) Gala

  1. CuriousShe

    Ahh I see you’re learning the art of photography. Great angles for the pictures.
    I love the dress too; very nice.
    As for being the host and being shy, a good way to keep your cool is to make eye contact with people in the audience. People that seem interested in what you have way and remind yourself that they’re just people looking forward to what you have to say. And finally, remember to breathe :p


  2. lovely, nice, beautiful 🙂


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