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****** The Winner- Nengi Nelson ******** + Got featured In the School Newspaper

Winner Nengi Nelson (@Nenginelson)

Heyyyy!! Happy new month! This post is a reply post to my give away post !!

Yes so Like I said in I was supposed to put up this post by 12am but I have exams in the upcoming week that’s really stressing me out , so yh this is sorta like a study break at 3:20 am 🙂 lmao ! So yeah back to THE WINNER!! First of all, I’ll like to thank everyone that participated in this give away and with the highest raffle copter draw entry score, Nengi Nelson won this one 🙂 ! Nengi CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!! You’re the awesome winner today and yh !! Happy New Month too 🙂 Please send me a message on my facebook page including your full name and your detailed address and I’ll have it sent to you on the 15th a day after my last exam 🙂 CONGRATULATIONS !!!!! once again and thank you very much for checking out my blog !! Good luck in your exams if you’re having any and remain blessed 😀 !! Back to my reading now, HAPPY NEW MONTH EVERYONE !!!!!!! And watch out, for this Montth I just might be giving away a Team 360 Crew Neck as a Christmas gift to one of my lucky facebook page subscribers , All you’ll have to do is to comment on the facebook post on the crewnecks saying I want a crewneck and any of the available colours in bracket and heading down to the blog post and commenting on it by telling me what you really love about Christmas !!! Yh! I’m so excited 🙂 Okay back to my reading now for sure 😀 Congrats to Nengi once again !!! Oh and One more thing!! I got featured on the school’s newspaper !! I knew I was going to get featured because I got interviewed lol, but it just felt different when I saw the article on me !! I was in awe, My bestfriend/sister Maame read it with me and I was grining the whole time and my twinny Sandra tweeted a picture about it “YB the boss!!! On the schools #Lambda newspaper cc@Yvonne_Ben


lol! The YB the boss thing makes me laugh doe !!!

but yh ! back to the point of this post 🙂 The winner’s Merch !! An  Ankara Blazer (designed by Moi) and a vintage gold crop top and a vintage purse 🙂 1-DSCN41911-DSCN4181


Pretty Neat ei 😉 Congrats Nengi 🙂 ! Okay Bye for real!

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