Fashion Street Style Sudbury Street Style (S.S.S)

S.S.S (Sudbury Street Style); Naymar R.


Country: Saudi Arabia

School: Laurentian university

Program: Computer Science

Describe your style(i.e what type of clothing are you into, and if you collect any thing, what it is and why ?, where do you get your inspiration from ):From my brother who always supports me. I believe in that everybody can make their own style as I do, no specific type. I like my clothes to be like me…a work of art lol ;). I shop mostly from ZARA, they satisfy me with their summer and winter clothes. I collect money haha joking :). I used to collect coins in the past but not anymore. I would say Video games !

What do you do for fun, any interesting thing you do on the side ? : Everyone has a different  way  to find fun.  I personally find sleeping as much as possible fun hahah :), listening to music and spending my time with my friends.  I dance salsa but haven’t found the right partner yet hahahah 🙂  I also play soccer and work out  often.

Favorite Quote: Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

Facebook: Naymar Rasheed









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