Happy New Year !!!

Happy New Year to you! May this be the year that your vision becomes reality and you find fulfillment in every aspect of life ! Amen🙂

Hi Guys !!!!!!! How’s everyone doing ???  It’s been a whileeeeee !! I hope everyone’s well🙂 Been MIA … I’m back now …. but I’ll be leaving again a few more times🙂 As from next week till April I’ve decided limit my blogging to only the weekends ………. Susbury Street Style on Fridays and Posts about me on Saturdays and Sundays🙂

I know this is somewhat late but Happy New Year🙂

Winter semester starts soon and I wish everyone progress and success Amen !

I’m starting a new thing where I add a song or video to my post ….. like a “song of the day” type of thing🙂 It should be fun…… I have like a massive song list and will like to share it with my readers  :) I hope you all like it










Black Crop Top : Urban Planet

Polka Dot Skirt : Gift from bestie Maame🙂

Pointed To Heels : Gojane

Purse: Gift



Aye! So Song of the day Hope; Twista featuring Faith Evans


Be hopeful and He’ll make a way !

Remain Blessed Everyone




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