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1st Sunday of 2013 !!

Hi Guys! Today is the first Sunday of the year, of the month and of the winter semester too !! and the sermon was great 🙂

It was titled “Motivation for 2013” We were given a few Motivation keys to use ; * Remember God’s Mercy, * Refocus on Jesus; not yourself, * Refuse to take rejection personally, * Re-frame any weakness as a stage for God’s Power and lastly * Realize that the best is yet to come 🙂 Amen

I wore an Ankara boob tubed body con maxi 😀 ! I really love the material used! love the colors  and will definitely be showing it off in the summer time which is just a few more months away !!! whoop whooop !!!!!!!!!!!

Aye ! School starts tomorrow and I wish everyone a productive week ahead ! Amen 😀



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