Street Style Sudbury Street Style (S.S.S)

S.S.S (Sudbury Street Style); Joëlle Ibuke

Country: Burundi

School: Laurentian University

Program: Law and Justice

Describe your style(i.e what type of clothing are you into, and if you collect any thing, what it is and why ?, where do you get your inspiration from ):

Depending on the occasion there are a few nuances in my style, but, something that never changes; I love accessorising 🙂 I usually gravitate towards soft, very comfortable yet fresh, and elegant pieces while shopping.

Once upon a time I collected Archie comics lol Now, I think it’s safe to say hand accessories like watches, rings..because its fun, endless possibilities

Inspiration comes from various things, like colors of the current season or celebs to strangers that are rocking what they have on

What do you do for fun, any interesting thing you do on the side :

just being with the people I love, travelling, concerts, making music, trying new things

Favorite Quote : “If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough”

Instagram: jjoellexo

Facebook : Joëlle Ibuke












1 comment on “S.S.S (Sudbury Street Style); Joëlle Ibuke

  1. Love the outfit


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