Joel Gauthier


Joel Gauthier is a Business Development Officer with the RDÉE Ontario (French Business Network of Ontario) working on a project with immigrants called (La bonne affaire/ Opportunities for ALl) and he has been doing this for 3 years now. He is working with three female entrepreneurs, 2 of which I have blogged about Lisadora Ngandu of Diva Hair, Eva Kossa’s of Madam Kossa and newly added Justine Gogoua (JUST’IN ARTS Co. Artist/Motivator/Freelance Chef) . His job consists of helping these business women with their business plans, market research, strategic consulting, grant proposals etc… he also works for Laurentian University’s program “Professions North”  as a Francophone Outreach Officer helping francophone ITPs (Internationaly Trained Professionals) for evaluation of overseas credentials and Canadian accreditation. You can also check the La bonne affaire/ Opportunities for ALl bilingual website:   . Here is a picture taken from one of his workshops held at Madame Kossa’s🙂 heck Out Madame Kossa’s Facebook Page atelier 23aout 2012
He is also having an event for March the 8th, It;s is going to be at Madame Kossa’s Restaurant and it can only sit 24 people, so go and enjoy good food


And listen to these women talk🙂

Here is the Poster:

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