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Sbthek ~ “Set to Afri-Imprint You” by Esiro Athekame

OTO Bangles

Sbthek Logo

About Sbthek

Sbthek is a private enterprise that specializes in the custom making of fashion apparels for both males and females with the famous ANKARA print. It was founded in 2011, and since then has produced custom hand-made earrings, slippers, wristwatches, clutches, belts,hairbands suspenders, unisex bow ties etc. Sbthek is looking to expand its services to full garment making in the near future. International orders are taken at with a small shipping fee. You could either drop off your desired fabric for transformation or ship it. At Sbthek, orders are processed at a fast pace and returned just in time for use.

OTO Bangles

OTO Bangles

Why Sbthek ?
People often ask me but why Sbthek?,  where did you come up with this kind of name?, two consonants in front 🙂 how would i pronounce that? lol. The name basically represents my family. The S is for my dad, B is for my mum and the “thek” is from our surname. So you literally say Sb..thek :).
Set 3
OTO bangles x IMA ring set

Origin for the names of the products

I have close ties with Akwa Ibom state in Nigeria as that where most of my childhood was spent, also i can speak the language Ibibio fluently. So i decided to use native unisex native names for the products. The meanings of the names are also significant to me. For example;

IMA Customized Earring

IMA Earrings- Ima means love
INI Bowties-Ini means time

INI Bowties
UYAI Clutches-Uyai means beauty

UYAI Clutch
EMEM Slippers- Eme means Peace

EMEM Slippers
IDARA Belts- Idara means Joy

OTO Bangles- Oto means From God and INEM Suspenders- Inem means Happiness

Sbthek is the costume designer for Sync Afrique Wakati 2013!!! Go see their designs live..


Twitter: @Sbthek
Instagram: Sbthek

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