Fashion Street Style Sudbury Street Style (S.S.S)

S.S.S ( Sudbury Street Style ); Grace Daniel

Country: Nigeria

School: Laurentian University

Program: Biochemistry

Describe your style(i.e what type of clothing are you into, and if you collect any thing, what it is and why ?, where do you get your inspiration from ): What ever I feel looks good is what I get. I get my inspirations from Karla’s Closet, Ashley Madekwe’s blog and everywhere too 🙂

What do you do for fun, any interesting thing you do on the side : Shopping with friends, Zumba, badminton for fun lol, once in a while clubbing and playing Cards 🙂

Favorite Quote : ” When life gives you lemons, cut them in Half and squirt life in the eye! ”

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IMG_3195 IMG_3201 IMG_3207 IMG_3204

1 comment on “S.S.S ( Sudbury Street Style ); Grace Daniel

  1. Anonymous

    nice one dear


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