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*** Sync~Afrique 2013; WAKATI ! |Review| ***


Hellooo beautiful people 🙂 How’s is everyone doing ??? Well I’m hoping 😀 I just took a quick break from the books to write about my SYNC AFRIQUE EXPERIENCE !!! Yesss!!! WAKATI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why Now ? Well because I wanted to add a picture of my outfit and I didn’t have a clear one so I waited for one of the best in the game to release them a.k.a ODUDU PHOTOGRAPHY ! 🙂 I don’t have much time so I’m going to make this quick

Soooo Yes ! Sync Afrique was beautiful !! I loved every minute of it ! I left my city that morning, Got to Missisauga for 3pm headed to the Living Arts Centre for 6:30pm !!!  Living Arts was the venue in case you are wondering, I mean you should have been there, the Play was breath taking ! Every scene , It was almost like I was part of ” The Great People of Tema” , Their outfits, the drums, the music, their voices !! Everything was just splendid !!! I wish you were there people …. Here’s a picture from one of my best scenes

I mean you could just sum up what I said plus this picture to give you a glimpse of what that night was about !!!!! I got a Premium ticket because I wanted the full experience 🙂 and that lived to it’s expectations, the after party was LIVE !!!!!!!! And Sync Afrique * The Event* was bliss … I don’t think you understand, lemme give you some colour !!!!!!

The Great People of Tema

You can view more pictures from ODUDU PHOTOGRAPHY’s PAGE

If I were to rate Sync Afrique 2013; WAKATI … I would say an easy 12/10 !!!!!

Here is my dress 🙂 Tell me what you think 😀

DSC_3949DSC_3946 532045_510123892384498_825296765_n

🙂 🙂 🙂

Before I leave, I will like to list the designers from that night 🙂

Nana Bediako fabric Design by Yaw TonyIsraella|KOBLA| and Anita E. of Freakum Dress Couture

Shout out to ECASA for a splendid night and Odudu Photography x Willyverse for capturing it 😊 I enjoyed my SyncAfrique Experience, did you ?

Well this is me signing out ….. till April 20th my friends 😀 Exam Season !!!!!! Goodbye and Goodluck in all your endeavours ! Remain Blessed 🙂

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