LOTI Ft. PCB – Questions In My Head

Official Questions In My head poster (1)

Official Questions In My head poster (1)

His name is LOTI and he is a Toronto-based Nigerian singer/songwriter. Taking off from the success of previous features including the popular “Paradise” by K-Jay, LOTI finally decides to reveal his debut single titled “Questions In My Head” to the world. It’s an infectious, smooth and catchy RnB performance from the singer who is backed by Canadian Rapper/Producer PCB.
Here’s what LOTI had to say:
I manage to express my experiences through music and an agreement of sound. With lows come highs and fighting always has an end. I accept struggle and I’m passionate about the things I do. I create the music that comes naturally to me and I’m not afraid of change. I am thrilled about the present. I believe we all have a story to tell, whether it’s audible, visual, silence or motion. We are constantly creating new moments to share. Hope you enjoy listening to “Questions In My Head’ as much as I enjoyed making it. I’d like to thank PCB for making this record with me and also everyone who’s been supportive. Expect more from me!
More about “LOTI” the |Recording Artist| Producer| Entrepreneur|
Lotanna Chima Obiefuna. (Born May 16, 1988), popularly known by his stage name Loti(pron.:/Low ‘tee/), is a Canadian RnB/hip hop recording artist originally from Lagos, Nigeria. Being a multitalented singer, songwriter and entrepreneur, He is considered to be diligent in his work, business savvy, and most importantly consistent in making music that appeals to the masses.
Amongst his other achievements, the brand Korrect Nation which is an entertainment & merchandising company that was founded in 2010, and also available on an online platform, Its major aim is profiling and showcasing African music & entertainment news to the people in Diaspora. Surprisingly during its first year Korrect Nation hit over 1 million total views, averaging over 5000 daily users. Korrect Nation’s success includes multiple awards including Onyx award 2011 “Team of the Year” and “Best Media” nominee at the African Entertainment Awards in 2012.Expanding his company’s capabilities, Loti eventually launched Korrect Nation Clothing apparel – a merchandising arm of the company. Today Korrect Nation has sold over 3,000 items of clothing and accessories and has branched into printing merchandise for various clients. Furthermore by using his company as a positive plunge into the entertainment industry, he has been given the opportunity to collaborate with artists involved in a variety of genres ranging from R&B/Hip-hop to Afro-pop.

“My brand is an extension of me. It is very close to me and I have an emotional connection with it” – Loti.

Loti’s quest for music started at an early age through his parents encouragement and appreciation for music. The introduction of music into his life led to the discovery of his unforeseen musical talent and his ability to be vocally unique. His major musical influences include Celine Dion, West life, Nsync, Lionel Richie, Luther Vandross, Usher, just to mention a few. He relocated to Canada in 2007 in pursuit of becoming a College basketball player, but ended up studying Information & Network Technology at Carleton University, Ottawa. At his second year of University he realized he wanted a life dedicated to music. Having the urge to vocally and lyrically express his feelings became his priority. It became an outlet for him to block the pain and sorrowful incidents that were taking place in his life at that moment, and with the blessings from his parents to pursue his dreams, Music became his escape and priority.

Loti has been successful and precise in utilizing his outgoing personality, his growing company/brand, social media, and generally the online community to gain more recognition in the music and entertainment industry and other aspiring recording artists. He has since then been on tours as an opening act for close friends and rappers K-Jay, T-obay, City Fidelia, and many more local Canadian acts.

“I’ve been a musician and a music lover since childhood and I’ve always wanted to be heard or known for something I’m talented in or passionate about…Music is a great form of art, music is very powerful and now I enjoy making and creating music of my own. Music has brought me this far in life and I love it” – Loti

Today Loti resides in Toronto and is currently enrolled as a student at Metalworks institute for Audio Production/Engineering and Entertainment Business Management, and still remains the headliner of Korrect Nation. His craft is staggering and his ability to stay humble everyday is manifested through his performances, which have an unprecedented vibe.

“Tough time’s never last, but tough people do” – Schuller, Robert.

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