Iyanya Toronto Concert; Kukere Dance Competition

In collaboration with one of the top and biggest entertainment company in Canada, the “MMG Microbell Media Group Entertainment“. Blue Revolution Entertainment and Abroad Boys Entertainment has brought its Canadian fans the opportunity to win a chance to hang out with the KUKERE Master himself “Iyanya” .

First please be advised that this competition is only for people in Canada and that it will be at the Iyanya Toronto concert, however you all are welcome.

Rudiment for the Iyanya Dance competition entry:

* Dance to “Any of Iyanya song’s” – (Top choices: Kukere /Your Waist)
* Upload your video on “Youtube or Keek” and send us the link or post on our Facebook page (Blue Revolution Entertainment 
Microbell Media Group )

Be advised that “Microbell Media Group”, Blue Revolution Entertainment and or Abroad Boys Entertainment will be the ones to choose the best three videos and only one person can be the winner. However the other two video competitors that will be picked will have the opportunity to meet Iyana backstage at the event. The lucky winner of the “Iyanya Canada Dance competition will have the chance to “meet Iyanya and hang out with Team Iyanya before the event and also get the unrestricted V.I.P ticket.

First Place: *Winner gets to see Iyanya, Lunch With Iyanya * dance Kukere with Iyanya * 1 Unrestricted V.I.P ticket and $100! ..

Second Place: Free Unrestricted V.I.P and He or She gets to hang out with Iyanya!

Third, 4th and 5th Place: Free Regular Ticket each!


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