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African Fashion; Miss Anyanwu



“Miss Anyanwu” is an African fashion line that belongs too Miss  Ngozi  Anyanwu . She is  a 20 year old Nigerian-Canadian Pharmacy Student who found a hobby

I absolutely love what I do because of the mistakes I make along the way. Nothing’s perfect but that’s the whole fun of it. I picked up an admiration for dresses/fashion at a really early age (as any little Misses would), but I thank God that I learned how to turn it into something productive! ~ Miss Ngozi Anyanwu

I came across a design of hers on everydayafricanfashion’s instagram and I was so much in love I couldn’t stop at just liking it, I googled her and we spoke and she said it was very okay to have her featured on my blog 🙂

So ladies and gentlemen , Here are the great works of Miss Anyanwu. 🙂

Her Website;

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