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* Freakum Dress Couture ; The Euphoria Collection + Sankofa *

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About F.D.Couture

Established in 2009 freakum Dress Couture also known as FDCouture is a platform for creative expression through fashion. Founded by the fashion savvy entrepreneur Anita Ehui, 327775_245397815521636_504285746_o

This fashion brand celebrates fashion’s unique textiles and innovative designs. Our purpose is to make an international impact on the fashion industry that provokes their audience’s perception on style. Look and feel “Sexy, Classy, Cool” With FDCouture Womens Wear.

*Euphoria* by Anita Ehui

Our latest collection is Called Euphoria pronounced Eu·pho·ri·a [yoo-fawr-ee-uh]
“a state of intense happiness and self-confidence”. The motive behind the collection was to reach out of my comfort zone and pursue the quest for self-confidence and happiness. A lot of people tell me that they see me as a confident person who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. That is not entirely true. Behind my ambition is still a lot of uncertainty and doubt. This collection was the first collection I sewed entirely by myself. With the pressure of strict deadlines (because of upcoming fashion shows) I thought I wasn’t going to finish in time, but I did and I am quite proud of what I was able to do in only a couple of weeks. Seeing my models wear the new Euphoria collection with such confidence and elegance makes me so happy! They are a perfect representation of the Euphoria collection’s theme.  

Here is a dress form the collection

You can see more at her facebook page Freakum Dress Couture

I also love her Sankofa Collection

These pieces are my best pieces from it

lovee !!!!!! 🙂 You can also see more for this collection at her facebook page : Freakum Dress Couture 

What the future holds for Anita Ehui and FDC …

Now that I am done my undergraduate studies at Carleton University. I am packing up my life including FDC and moving to Ghana for a year. The fashion scene there is fierce and there are so many amazing young entrepreneurs doing big things. It is time for me to expand internationally. I have many projects lined up that reveal my other talents and I am so excited for everyone to hear and see them. Besides being a fashion designer I am an entrepreneur, stylist and brain gain advocate. This upcoming summer expect to see lots of promo .

Ladies and Gents there you have it !! Expect lost more from Anita this summer 🙂

Her Website :

Her Twitter : @AforAmbitious

2 comments on “* Freakum Dress Couture ; The Euphoria Collection + Sankofa *

  1. I lovee love love these designs!


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