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Diliche ; The Ohale Collection



About Dilliche

Dilliche is a clothing label that seeks to provide both male and female apparel that are not only affordable, but are built to represent a more simplistic yet interesting lifestyle. We try to live up to the name which means ‘Be Different’ with the pieces we put out. Our items are currently not factory assembled, so each garment passes through a heightened level of attention and care. We also make/sell accessories.

Miss Ona Teresa Odum is The Creative Director of Dilliche; She is Nigerian but based in North America (US/Canada).

Dilliche has other sister businesses under its wings as well. We work with a variety of fabrics but are currently mostly working with cotton, jersey, African print & leather.

The Ohale Collection

Ohale means “Behold”. Inspiration came from not only the latest trends in the clothing/fashion industry today, but also from my fixation with leather fabric and detailing at the time I started sketching/designing the garments. It took 4 months to finally be complete. There is a bit of everything in this collection, from figure flattering pieces that are very simplistic to more detailed embellished pieces for a more dressy feel. We also have a very new accessory coming out that you really haven’t seen anywhere, something different to actually ‘behold’.

It is very important for me to be myself, and show my personal style through my pieces so most of the pieces are reflective of things that I like. My very good friend and a member of the Dilliche team, Ann L Oludoyi also had a great influence on the things we finally picked to be in this collection, and the things we didn’t include.

The collection becomes available 12am May 24th. The Dilliche team is planning a flash sale shortly after that, most likely in mid June.





G.reen top with leather detailing x Jeenete- cobalt blue body conscious skirt





Body conscious leather dress with Ankara detailing





Leather bodice high low statement top





Africa print dress with leather panel details

To see more from this amazing collection visit her Website

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