House of Asem ; Where sexy meets eccentricity. Borderline yin-yang !


Lena Pants.

Ola Skirt


Yes! So Pam is back again ! I really love this new collection, I picked out a few from them that I would loveee to add to my closet you can check out the remaining ones at !! Aegean is just beautiful, the fit, and that slit bruh too sexy, The Lena pants because it has a unique leather detailinf, also because it’s high waisted I’m a sucker for anything “High Waist”🙂 Ola skirt because *looks at it again* Nuff said or nuff seen lol🙂 It’s unique and last but definitely not least the sexy sexy Zipporah ! Why Zipporah, The Body con fit is just beautiful, like you just can;t go bad with Zipporah, even the name says it all🙂

Check out the video at

What do you think ?

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