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Fenix Couture; The Ihotu Collection



About Fenix Couture 

Fenix Couture belongs to the beautiful Josephine Akioyamen, It  is a company that is the best in what it does. It is a company that specializes in made to fit dresses and ready to wear dresses for its public. The company currently operates in Canada with a view to move within the foreseeable future to the American and International markets. We design, construct, and market dresses for ladies. We have a special slant for working in print for western designs.

About the Ihotu Collection 

“Ihotu is an Idoma term for love. By the way the Idoma is an ethnicity in Nigeria. I was inspired to make the collection by cherry blossom flowers.I was in West Potomac park in Washington and saw them in bloom. They inspired me to make dresses that could make any wearer bloom ” ~ Josephine Akioyamen

F6 F8 F3 F11 F5 F2

For more information on her designs and other collections; Visit her Facebook Page ; Fenix Couture  and her Website ;

1 comment on “Fenix Couture; The Ihotu Collection

  1. These are really beautiful creations in the true sense of the word.

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