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Todun Designs ; The Traces Collection

About Todun’s Traces

For this collection ; the pieces, are seemingly sentimental for the designer as she pours from the depth of her emotion and current life’s journeys into the intricate designs and blends of the pieces.


This bow-tie is one of my favourite pieces from the collection. The much anticipated bowtie B.L.F. comes with a funky twist, inspired by her father. “B.l.F is my dad’s initial and I was thinking of him, his style and personality when I made the B.L.F. bow tie.” Says Lajipe.

Other Bow-ties from the collection

Secret Service





Between the hunky model and the infinity scarves, you are not quite certain which to snag first! Ere, OG and OC are beautiful pieces, that’ll remind you of the African sun and a sense of comfort and security. Ere, a grey, green and yellow scarf; was inspired by a friend of the designers who was good counsel, when she needed it.




Ma-Ma-e is inspired by her mother. The bag is reversible with a vinyl side that is great as a grocery bag, or to put in wet bikinis/clothes; it’s not only very stylish and fashion forward, it’s sustainable and multi functional.


Other Pieces from the collection


M. Lisa





Skinny M





A Todun Fav Multipurpose female bow-tie, doubles as a head-bow or belt. You can always count on this bow-tie to turn your outfit around 🙂








Traces Earrings

Working with African fabric isn’t new, wearing isn’t either, but with different seasons, comes a reason to change up our style, put our effort in, and remind ourselves, even in a bow tie, or a scarf; of our African heritage, that is our trace home ” ~ Todun Designs
Traces Collection is now available for purchase here: http://www.todundesigns.com/collections/all

Models: Male: Alex Kato
Female : Misty Nelson
Photography: Franca Young
Makeup: Kepari Make up
Style Consultant: Brenda Chuinkam
Styling: The Crew

Website: http://todundesigns.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/todundesigns
Facebook: http:/facebook.com/todundesigns

4 comments on “Todun Designs ; The Traces Collection

  1. Great collection. Thank you for posting on this, I never knew!


  2. love this collection and just found a new designer to love. Thank you hun.


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