Fort de Régalo Apparel by Michxxl *Official Summer 2013 Collection*

” Fort de Régalo (shortly Régalo). The word Regalo means ‘luxury’ in portugese and ‘gift’ in spanish”. The man behind the clothes is 19 year old Ikenna Madumere. Ikenna (also known as Michael), is a university student from Nigeria now based in Ottawa. As a new designer, we all want to know what makes his designs different from other designers or things that are already in our closets. Just like the two root meanings of the word “Regalo” he is providing the “gift” of “luxury” to anyone and everyone. Beyond that he feels his clothes will provide “the quality of comfort and satisfaction while wearing my designs”As for the future of Regalo Clothing, he wants it to “grow and expand to a line with varieties of other products such as shoes, bags, pants and ‘whatever I can create’ The t-shirts are just a start for something greater. ” ~ extract from interview with fashion blogger Mariama (


Optimized-IMG_4301 IMG_4829

photographed by Judy Torborg (

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