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* Kaleidoscope Spotlight * All or Nothing; The Mixtape by Ife B.O.S



A few weekends back I listened to this amazing Mixtape and I was so much in awe I decided to blog about it, I did a quick interview with Ife B.O.S about the mixtape and here’s how it went;

“All or Nothing” What inspired the title of this mixtape ?

Well it was sometime last year when i felt very underrated and overlooked. I was contemplating stopping music completely. So then I made a decision to put all my effort, time and money into one last body of work. If I got a good response, I would continue if not I would stop. Hence the title “All Or Nothing”.

Is this your first mixtape ?

This is actually my third mix-tape. My first 2 had little or no exposure So im pretty stoked about this one actually appealing to people.

How many Tracks are on there ? What are their names, genres and brief stories behind them ?

I decided not to stick to one genre on the mix-tape because one of my aims was to show my versatility and ability to execute various types of songs. My prayer is that regardless of what a person is going through, he/she would be able to relate at least one song to his or her current state.


There are 12 tracks and 3 skits. So 15 songs in total. 
– The track list is .. 
1.Who Be The Guy Sef? (Skit)
2. All Or Nothing ft Yetty( Produced by Yung Jeff
3.Hello (Produced by Amehh
5.T.O.H (Thoughts Of Heartbreak)
6. To You ft Vader & Danny Sax( Produced by Telz)
7. One More Chance (Produced by  B.O.S)
8. Drinks On me( Produced by Morello)
9.Bicycle ft Omar & Oscar
10. Na Me Rap Pass (Skit)
11. Last Call
12. Certified Bad Guys (CBG) FT Amehh & Oscar
13. Swag Anthem (Produced by B.O.S)
14. Outro
15. Na B.O.S sure pass(Skit)
Hmmm to be honest I make a lot of songs off of the events occurring in my life at that moment. For instance the track “T.O.H” was written when i was having female issues lol. And then other tracks like “Confam” and “Bicycle” were written when i felt very comfortable and in a happy place.While songs like “To You” and “One More chance” stick mainly to the themes of Love and Affection.

And it’s a wrap !!! There you have it `All or Nothing `The Mixtape by Ife B.O.S


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