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*Kaleidoscope Spotlight * Souleymane Guindo Speaks


I present to you King Solomon; the Rapper, the Artist…the VISIONARY.  The Toronto based artist formerly known as Dwayne drew my attention when I stumbled upon his facebook freestyles, and I must say for something that was straight of his dome, the man got bars and is “most definitely” worthy of a first round draft pick….4real!!. I recently interviewed him and was completely caught off guard by his passion for music and creativity. He also talked about his team Y.K.M (Young King Movement ) and his Event in the works .

Below are links and videos to some of his Freestyles

Plato’s Honour (Clique Freestyle)

Highway To Toronto (Freestyle)


This folks is King Solomon’s aptly titled sophomore mixtape  , The story behind it in his exact words ” I felt like it was a mix of two different parts of life at the time, greatness, was part where different people were coming up telling me I was getting there, And Heartfelt  was always how sorry I was for not being there already ……. And just going through accepting you can do something and being sorry you ain’t do it yet

His Mixtape  ( Greatness; Heartfelt )

The Interview

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  1. You be killin em’ ma


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