*Kaleidoscope Spotlight* Z.E.R.O Music Group

ZeroMg logo black

Zero Music is a record label with 4 artists namely; PAblo, Uchy, Eejay Yawng and Ramati. With the determination to create diversity in the music industry, the aim is to back the claim with better sounds and broad lyrical content that their audience will easily relate to and synergize with their everyday lives.”Z.E.R.O” is an abbreviation for Z stands for Zenith , E stands for Excellence R stands for Reality and 0 stands for Original.

Z.E.R.O Music group’s very own artists teamed up to showcase their extraordinary talent in their ‘HATE ME NOW’ cover which was released today from the mix-tape ‘Procrastination’ .

Click on Audio Art to Listen

h8 me now

watch out for more from them !! support the movement, like their page Zero Music Group … and follow them on twitter

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