Give Away

Give Away | Fort de Régalo x RedCrown Collabo|


Hey Guys !!!!!!! It’s time for me to say thanks for all the love you all have been showing the blog so it’s  “give away” season !

For this give away I’ll be collaborating with two amazing lines Fort de Régalo and RedCrown.

From Redcrown, I’ll be giving away the “Cage of Hades”  Tee from their Noir Collection


And from Fort de Régalo, I’ll be giving away the “Hounds of Baskerville” Tee from their Summer 2013 collection

product 1

A lot of people were having problems with the comment box so I’m using a rafflecopter widget now, this should be very easy🙂 I have changed the ending date to the 24th of this month. Unfortunately I cannot embed this widget into this blog post so open this link on another tab to enter. Sorry about the inconvenience🙂

Have a blessed day.

only for people living in Canada and the U.S 


What do you think ?

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