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*Kaleidoscope Spotlight* Teck-Zilla(テクジラ)



Teck-Zilla is a Nigerian born Montreal based emcee/beatmaker/producer. A founding member of the Hiphop group “Str8Buttah” with members in the UK and Nigeria. After moving from the UK to Canada, Teck-Zilla has proceeded to work with like minded artists in Montreal. He is also one of the top 32 producers selected to participate in the last edition of the biggest Canadian beat battle held in August of 2012.  His previous works include the critically acclaimed “Full Script” mixtape with Zambian Hiphop group ZoneFam , the seminal “Brand New Masquerade” with British born Nigerian rapper & Str8Buttah Member Mister Rae and 3 other albums with artists from Nigeria(Fecko The Emcee), Kazakhstan (Whiteman-The Blacksoul), Zambia (The Holstar) amongst various production & mixing credits.

He is currently working on several projects such as his yet to be titled Hip Hop compilation album featuring MCs from various countries ,”Souled Off” a love themed instrumental album, an EP “Teck Meets Depth” with Zimbabwean MC/Singer Depth, an untitled Ep with Canadian singer/songwriter Peggy Hogan and many others. His last project is a Hip-Hop remix of  Fela Kuti‘s collaborative album(LIVE!) with British drummer, Ginger Baker, which also serves as an audio documentary in the same vein as his previous work (Afro J.E.T.S Club Project )

Recent Works;

Chicken & Chips, Crackers & Cranberry Juice EP

Hua Li(Production/mix engineer credit)

Twitter: @projektcancer

Instagram: @teckzilla108

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