*Kaleidoscope Spotlight* DJ Camron



– When did you start this incredible Dee Jay journey and what inspired you to do so ?

I’ve always wanted to do this, but officially? i’ll say September/October 2012. As for inspiration, my love for music and my family background.

– How did you come about the name “DJ CAMRON” ?

Holy spirit ! lol 🙂

– You have a neat gig with Gidilounge, how did that happen and tell us about it.

First off all, Big shout out to Gidilounge Radio. Lumi, Benny, Tolu and my show host Bola. My contract with Gidilounge started after I dropped my first mixtape “Looking for work” Volume 1, I sent it over to them and God willing it has been all up from there.

– How about other gigs ? what kind are they

Club Events, Weddings, Birthdays, House parties, Beach Parties, Corporate events, School Shows and Fashion shows

– How many mixtapes have you made so far and their links ?

So far I have 3 official mixtapes,
“Looking for work. Volume 1”

“Rewind. Volume 1”

and my newst one “Smokers Section. Volume 1”

– Do you have any upcoming events/parties?

Yes, Definitely. Check out my website, I will be constantly updating the events im going to be DJ’ing at.

– Do you have any big plans in the future or will you just go with the flow?

Big shout out to RadicZone Ent and the whole crew. I’m going as God leads.

Make sure you check out my website especially the new music player and video player, also Check out The Drive show on gidilounge radio every fridays w/ Bola 2pm – 4pm EST. Watch out for Looking for work volume 2!.



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