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Haus of Asem | Summer 2013 Collection | Therapy

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The Therapy Collection

“The collection has been in the works for a very long time. The pieces in this collection were sketched during times that I just wanted to get away from my life,when things weren’t going as planned. sketching was my escape. My healing process. Cheesy but very accurate. Each piece is my weakness come to life. I was in a very vulnerable state and I feel it shows in my fabric choices (texture and color) and cuts. You can also see the strength in the pieces, which is a proper balance of who I am as a person. Pieces in the collection consist of “nafina, mikoh, iggy, Judy jetson , Memphis , canary, daisy A, muse, rosewood, and more.” Collection release date is the26th of July. ” ~ Pam Asemota


Top: Iggy . Skirt: Memphis


Chocolate leather Crop top: Iggy(t). Chocolate leather shorts: Iggy(s)


 Dress: “Mikoh”


 Skirt: Judy Jetson


Dress: Canary


 Sunrise Tee dress: “Daisy A. tee dress”

To see more from this beautiful collection;

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