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Beni Boo | The Color Me Happy x Modern x Exotic Collection

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At Beni Boo Styles we believe clothes says a lot about you so every piece design right here in Canada, Toronto is Well Made, Well Priced & Well deserved by all. So if the off the rack clothing just doesn’t give you the modern stylish edge that you deserve then you are at the right place. If you want unisex clothes that perfectly fit your body, your image, your budget and your lifestyle then again look no further. If you’re as serious about looking sharp as we think you are, we @ Beni Boo trust you deserve clothing that portrays the image you want to project: strong, confident, fashionista and forward thinking.  That’s why the custom garments you receive from Beni Boo Styles have a contemporary flavour with a modern exotic African influence to it. Our clothing line is Conservative enough to create credibility, stylish enough for you to stand out and flexible enough for all body types, race, age and sex. It’s no surprise that when you visit our websites, you will find your everyday wears and something unique and special for every occasion.


Yellow Knife Maxi Dress


Stylish Black & White Dress


Half & Half Eye Lit Lace Maxi


Modern Exotic Sexy Dress

You can get to see more form their lovely collection at their website

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