#Spotlight Le très talentueux UrkelAce



Hey guys !! 🙂 I had the pleasure of interviewing the very talented Seyi Akinlade popularly known as UrkelAce .

Enjoy! 😀

You’re a well known Student Artist ! Tell me how that came about ?

Well i’ll credit that to my close circle of friends. The ones who saw me start the whole music thing in 2011, They helped me push whatever project I did like it was their own on social media and also by word of mouth And the success of recovery tale aswell.

Recovery Tale is amazing btw! All the reviews were great and for it being your first single that’s just neat ! 🙂 Did you start this journey with Wunda Records If not , how did that happen ?

Yes ofcourse, Wunda Records is my foundation, not to sound cheesy but Jeff actually discovered me. I had done projects like another growing teen in the past but Jeff helped me understand what the industry really was and From there I studied myself and found my own sound.

I have heard a few of your collabos with Artists like yourself ; which ones are you most proud of? why ? And which ones did you have the most fun recording and why as well ?

Uhm. I really liked working with Osheeks on Room 620.

Osheeks ft. UrkelAce – Room620

Osheeks is someone who really believed in my talent and I love his energy in the studio.

But favorite recording session will have to be with JoulesDaKid and Chordratic for Take Me As I Am

 Joules and I discovered our music talents together about 7 years ago while we performed in high school.We visited a studio for the first time together when we were 15. So going in again many years later with more mature talents was a fun experience.

 Do you have any upcoming projects ?

I’m working towards a single this September and an EP next year. It’s a personal project. I’ve really battled the “what type of artiste do you want to be” dilemma and I think I settled with what I’m comfortable with. Myself. I love whatever comes outta my head. Not to sound cocky or anything. But I prefer it to anything that’s influenced by an Industries “blow up requirements” and things like that.

Well a lot of people love your work and you have a good fan base and if you love what you’re doing and the people you care about do then that’s pretty much about it 🙂 . Tell me about the name ” UrkelAce “.. How did you get that ?

Thank you. LOL its a funny story. well the haircut I’ve been on for almost 4 years is the conventional urkel hightop fade and I always wore these big framed glasses before Uni making me look like Steve Urkel from Family Matters. so my friend Maggie started calling me Urkel. and i always called myself Ace (meaning someone who is good at everything) so I bumped the two together and BAM!!! Urkelace 😀

Hahahah! Niceee!! Your upcoming project will be ready for the public when ?? and which great minds are you working with ?

Early 2014 hopefully. Ahhh I like how you said great minds, Well for now I have a collection of great producers as artistes on board;
Esquire, Young Jeff, Jordan Maxwell a well known Toronto producer and a few surprise acts I can’t spill right now 😉 It’ll be mostly me on most tracks go. Like I said. It’ll be very personal.

Aye!!! Early 2014 ! that’s gonna be one Hot Winter lol 🙂 Is there any other amazing thing you do on the side ?

Lol hopefully. Yes alot actually. I’m the current director of the well known an award winning show, Sync Afrique. I’m also a choreographer, Photographer, you can check out my work on . I’m also a videographer and director. And lastly .. Advertising and media specialist. Well an upcoming one. Lol 🙂

I shot directed and edited this for Marz

This was also shot, directed and edited by me. 🙂 featuring Kemja x the S.O Twins !

Do you have big plans for this journey of yours or do you plan to just go with the flow ?

No big plans at the moment. As stated before I have alot going on. But hopefully something good pops out of one of them soon enough.

And to wrap up the interview, Do you have a favourite saying ? What is it ?

“With great power comes great responsibility”

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