24 Count ~ Eejay Yawng |Produced by PAblo |

Hey guys! remember I gave y’all the snippet for Eejay’s Single 24 Count, well here’s the full song !! Z.E.R.O MG’s Eejay Yawng with 24 Count, and this is one of the songs from their upcoming mixtape ” Procastination”

I like the intro, and as usual PAblo went hard with the beat ! Eejay also went ham with his bars!!! so far to me the upcoming mixtape “Procastination” is looking right, First they gave us Juddgement day by Uchy which no doubt is dope🙂 and now “24 Count”

” I’m on point like the tip of a sharp pencil,cooking up freestyles; the mic is one of my utensils , my flow so wicked you could say that it’s evil, I’m a bulldozer come against me and get crushed , if you think you the shit ? I make sure you get flushed ! Got the crowd like huh?! Ladies be like “oh my gosh” And anytime I be speaking all the MC’s gotta hush cause I’m a … BOSS ” ~ Eejay Yawng

What do you think ?

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