#Spotlight Duro Arts by Durotimi Bolaji Idowu

Untitled duro arts

Untitled duro arts Hey Guys!! I had the honour of interviewing the man behind the Brand Duro Arts, Durotimi Bolaji Idowu ! Enjoy!! 🙂


* I have seen your work and I think you’re amazing!! So tell me what Duro Arts is , how it came about , who is involved et all . Duro Arts is raw art, its a brand. I have been drawing for as long as I can remember, but I didn’t start digital painting until a year ago and its just me involved. * Do you have pictures of pieces you did when you first started ? what were they and what inspired them? Yeah I do, the first few works I did was me trying to understand the whole concept of digital painting. There was no inspiration back then, I just focused on drawing people (caricatures mostly). * Who were they of ? Friends and a few recording artists. photo (9)


photo (10)

 Trinidad James

photo (12)

Don Jazzy 

* You mentioned Duro Arts is a brand , what else do you do ?

Photo manipulation, I’m the designer for the brand X&O’s, and I recently just got into video editing.


*You mentioned video making , what videos have you done so far ? I’ve only edited my speed arts so far, nothing major yet still in the process of learning Banky-W (Speed Art Caricature)

Grandma (Her 70th birthday Speed Art)
TYGA (Speed Art Caricature)
* Now back to your caricatures, which ones are you most proud of ? I think that would be the one of Chris Brown because of the skin tone and the tattoos photo (11) * Any more you are proud of ?  Yes the “Birth of Santi” cover art for Ozzy B photo (13) and the “Fresh prince of Las gidi art” for Teezee Untitled fresh p * That’s nice !! Which ones did you have the most fun doing and why? That would be the cover art for “The Scene ” Magazine because it was my first magazine cover and they let me express myself how I wanted too. Untitled fresh p * Nice !! so to wrap up this interview , do you have any plans or shows for your brand in the future ? Yes we do, we got a few things lined up I cannot disclose right now.

There you have it !! 🙂  Duro Arts !!

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To know more about this aspiring individual, follow him on Twitter and on Instagram He also has a Youtube page that you should subscribe to as well 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!! please let me know what your thoughts are !! leave a comment  !! I really love to read your feedbacks 🙂

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