“As a celebration of the 53rd Nigerian Independence day, a social campaign to support a Nigerian business owner in financial distress has been developed by Dudunorth.

To support this campaign, a few bloggers and entrepreneurs have donated funds to bridge the gap in a Nigerian residents’ business finances.  If you own a business and you’ve been facing major financial setbacks, we want to help you get back on your feet by investing in your craft.

There are only THREE requirements:

  1. You must be a Nigerian resident (i.e. Nigeria is your permanent country of residence)
  2. You are facing a MAJOR financial business challenge
  3. You make less than N160,000/month


Deadline to participate: September 30th, 2013

On October 1st, three individuals would be chosen for an interview (regarding your need).  Of these three, ONE individual would emerge as the winner and presented with a cheque exceeding $1,000 (N160,000)

All the best🙂

***Don’t forget to subscribe/like the donor’s websites/Face book pages to stay updated on their crafts
Pink Pearl Foundation
The Kaleidoscopian
Shot by Shakes
M.I.M Chronicles
Omon Imo
Design Cook Love
Change and Revolution
Sh3 Is…
Tubi Films

**p.s: you can comment on behalf of a friend, but the winning prize must be claimed by the friend 

To participate, go to this link and answer these 3 questions

  • What is your craft (business)?
  • Have you started this business?
  • Why do you need financial support? Explain very briefly “ ~ Extract from

Note that you must answer the questions on the page linked, and not here😀

May the best craft win🙂

All the best.


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