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Tehilah Designs Fall Collection 2013 Sneak Peek

image (5)

image (5)

TEHILAH (the fashion line) debuted in July 2012 is owned by 17 year old University of Toronto St. George campus attendee and proud Akwa Ibomite Tehilah Abakasanga.

“I love fashion and have been designing and making clothes for a long time. I just knew I wanted to design and make clothes that people would wear and feel beautiful in, so I made the line. I make clothes for young women. My fall 2013 collection is called TEHILAH by Tehilah. It is an all black collection. I think black is a very strong colour and I really enjoyed working with it. there are many different pieces, so there is something for everyone, and I hope everyone loves it as much as I do.” ~ Tehilah Abakasanga .

image (3) image (6) image (2)

image (7)

Photo Creds  UrkelAce  Images



Full collection drops soon ! Watch this space 🙂

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