*Kaleidoscope Spotlight* Birch Trees & Caesars by Esquire



Hey Guys!! Today I have  Esquire, Esquire recently dropped and album Birch Trees & Caesars, he talks about that and many more here today ! Enjoy 🙂


* Tell me about your journey in music, what/who inspired you ?

I started writing and recording music about 9 years ago. Started taking it seriously about 3 years ago once I realized people were actually paying attention to what I was saying. As far as inspirations, lol I keep telling people it’s women. Women are amazing/complex creatures. There’s an infinite number things you can write about them.

* What type of music will you say you’re into ?

Any Hip-Hop with some sort of substance, I take lyrics very seriously.
I also listen to a lot of Deep House/ Ambient music, they way they throw sounds together and capture a certain mood is something I also try to do.

* What music icons do you look up to ?
Sade: Primarily because she’s flawless to me but writes the saddest songs you’ll ever hear.
Nas & Black Thought: Lyrically the GOAT’s in my opinion, I studied those two extensively coming up. Black Thought for delivery, Nas for his way with theatrics
Other: Ab-Soul, Kendrick, The Weeknd, Mos Def, Common, Raekwon, Vikter Duplaix, Blu, Flying Lotus etc…

* Titles and links and stories behind your previous works ?

Oliver : This was my rawest record. Based on a situation I was going through at the time; feelings of abandonment and loss etc. reminiscent of Oliver twist. The name rearranged spells (sound it out)

project Alice : This was a shorter joint. 4 tracks only, but I was getting into cinematography, so I primarily made this so I could shoot a video for each.

High Fidelity Bang : I just wanted to just rap on this joint. I was listening to a lot of Nas and Raekwon during this time period so there’s quite a bit of Mafioso-esque stuff going on lol.

EVE : A sequel to Oliver. But based on fiction. This joint dealt with facing temptation in the form of old love while being currently committed, and shows the euphoria and destruction that can come from submitting to that temptation

These are all available for download at

* ” BIRCH TREES & CAESARS ” , what inspired this album ? and what great minds did you work with? 

This album was honestly me and my dudes Zain a brilliant emcee and illll producer Lxgic getting in the studio this past summer and having fun making music, and it shows. The whole thing was completely organic. The idea manifested about 4 years ago but due to location conflicts we could never get together consistently enough to focus on it. But this summer we were all in Waterloo so we put in the work.

*Also a few other songs are produced by other people 4-Replay, AFTA1, Dj Cam, Lakim and dj Bonobo.

These are all producers whose music we stumbled upon online. Music we felt would add to the whole feel of the album. Our project was non profit so we decided to include them .

*Which Songs did you have the most fun recording and why?

Definitely “Goody”

We kept saying “yo we need something mans can go in on, we need some trill sh**”
And that was the result lol. 🙂

Tracks like Fx. Ever, Vengeance, Influencers were also hilarious to make.

* I know you just dropped this but I’ll like to know if you”re cooking up something new , If Yes, what is it ? and when is it bound to drop ? 

I’m currently working on EVE: The B-Sides.
Aiming to release on Feb 14. 2014
I’m gonna be producing the whole thing and I’m taking a different approach with the lyrics. A little more risqué, a bit darker.

*Anything Interesting you love doing on the side ? what is it and why ? 

I also do some photography on the side. Under the alias Felix Unger (long story lol) I used to shoot a lot about a year back but haven’t done so as much recently. Mostly because I’m looking for a change in model demographic. I finish school in about 4 months so I’ll pick that back up as well. You can view my photos on

*Ah intéressant! 🙂 To wrap this up , do you have a favourite saying, what is it and who’s it by ?

I go through favourite saying like clothes lol but at the moment it’s
“Yo, don’t ever talk”

I hit a couple people with that and the reaction is always priceless. Shoutout to Kanye.

lol! That saying had me like “wait what ?” 🙂 Well there you have it guys ! Esquire the lyricist !!!

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