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#Spotlight Birth Of Santi by Ozzy B

photo (13)

photo (13)

“Birth of Santi” the mixtape recently dropped and is on fireeee!! So I decided to do a  quick interview with the main man in charge of this piece of art , Ozzy B ! Enjoy ! 🙂

*It’z Ozzy B Baby !!! Ozzy!! When did you decide to do music! What Inspired you ? How did Ozzy B come about ?

I had a deep ear for music ever since I was a kid , used to listen to my dads old records and he threw a lot of parties. So I literally grew up with music. The name Ozzy b came from a British rapper. His was ” Ozzie b”. Thought the name was cool. So as a kid. I made everyone call me that.

*Birth Of Santi !! The Mixtape everyone is currently talking about !!! Very dope mixtape !! Why “Birth of Santi” ?

Birth of Santi symbolizes my journey in music. All the people I’ve met, Things I have experienced , Most importantly sounds I’ve created, all led to the birth of Santi .

*How long did it take to create ” The Birth of Santi” ? What great minds did you work with ?

It’s been three years since the journey started, and throughout those three years. The people I met and the struggles we pulled through . I worked mainly with my producers GMK and Banky and a singer in my crew Retro Dee. LOS played a major role in the Birth of Santi as well.

*From the mixtape, which song did you have the most fun recording and why ?

Every song had a different vibe and experience. Every track was equally as fun but if I had to pick one Zanto.

We just came together one night like it was nothing and Made such a tune.

*Yo!! Zanto is my Jam!!!!! Very catchy!! I’m guessing you’re gonna make up a dance move and call it the “Ah Zanto” ?

Lol. There is a dance already. You’ll see it soon enough

*Nice!! 🙂 Which Song from the mixtape are you most proud of and why?

I’m proud of every song . They all represent different struggles, experiences and feelings. So they are all different but I’m proud of them all.

*What people in the music industry would you say inspired this mixtape ?

Well. In the Nigerian industry to be honest. No one. In the industry as a whole. Santigold and a lot of alternative music. As well as a lot of hip hop.

*I know you just released this mixtape but are you cooking up something for the future ? If so them tell me a bit about it

Yeh. DOAL II is the next in line. This is child’s play compared to DOAL II

*Nice!!! How soon should we be expecting this piece of Art 🙂 ?

As soon the mass is ready for it.

*Nice !! To wrap this up!! Do you have a favourite saying ? If so what is it ?

Fav saying would be. No one can ever see your view the way you do.

There you have it guys !! Birth Of Santi by Ozzy B


To listen to the rest of the mixtape, visit his soundcloud


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