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#Spotlight Musiqué by Yinoluu

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I recently featured Student Producer Yinoluwa O. popularly known as Yinoluu! Enjoy !! 🙂


* When you hear the words ” Good Music ” what names come to mind ? give me 5 and why ?

Drake, Sarz, Wiz kid, BOJ and Wande coal because to me good music is a combination of things, Knowing what the public is looking for but giving it to them the way you want to deliver it. With your own personal flair and signature style. It’s about hard work an dedication yet loving what you do. It’s also about consistency and professionalism. Ensuring that your fans get the same quality of work from you each time.

* Well Said !!! 🙂 Drake !! Drake just recently dropped an album NWTS! Rate it  outta 10? And which are your best tracks ? 

To be honest I felt Drake’s new album was a bit disappointing. I’m a tough music critic and it all sounded too alike for me. I enjoy Started From The Bottom and Pound Cake but nothing else stands out to me so I’ll say 6.5.

*True! Pound cake went hard !!! Now! When did you start making beats? I’m talking inspirations ?

First time ever was about 4 years ago in SS2 (Grade 11). The guys in the year above me had started taking an interest in music and so one of them called me out of the blue and is like “you play the piano yeah?… Come and make a beat for me”

*Really??? That’s dope ! So you made your very first beat in Grade 11!! What did  people think of it then ?

Honestly? It was crap lol. I mean back then we probably thought it was something but no . But I guess everyone starts from somewhere 🙂

*So after that, when was your next beat made and for whom ?

Well then most of my beats were made for myself. I made a lot in S(Grade 12) for my own listening pleasure. I had some friends with whom I played instruments and we would perform like a band so I would go back and make those beats. But then I did do a few for guys in my set who wanted to go into the music biz. Two or three songs came out of that. But then It was all still play.

*So when did okay turn to serious business ? When did you feel that you got a hang of this and could be serious with it ?

Haha it wasn’t even like that. Someone else made it serious for me and I went with it. There’s a little story behind it. A good childhood friend of mine otherwise known as Ope Teflon decided he was ready to take his music seriously. We were talking and I decided to send him a beat I had made which ended up becoming his song “Love You Now”.

The song went far and people wanted to know who made the beat. He redirected them to me and suddenly people wanted beats and well that’s how it started 🙂

*So tell me about songs you produced recently , who were they for ?

Well I have a lot of unreleased material so I won’t let the details of those out yet lol. Trying to retain the element of surprise but of the work that is out currently there’s Bamilo

and Love You Now by Ope Teflon,

Take Two and WhatYouSaying by Code Z,

Confam Girl by Bolly,

Komole Freestyle by Bolly,

42 Girls by JoulesDaKid and Falz,

Wine Pon Me by QuincyBMM and Kz Johnson,

Fowokanmi by KoolKid and Samad

and High Roller by Teezee and BOJ

* How long on an average does it take you to create a beat ?

It depends on a lot really like inspiration and the complexity of the beat but on average I’d say about 6-9 hours.

*When do you think you’ll be dropping new stuff ? And maybe tell us for who ? 😉

Lool haha all I can say is that there’s quite a number of artistes with beats from me right now but release dates are up to them so I can’t say when exactly, But they’ll be coming soon enough. Stay tuned lol 🙂

 *So to wrap this up ! Do you have any advice in general to the world 🙂

Yes I do. Don’t get stuck doing what you think people want you to do. Do what you love doing cuz it’s the easiest way to become great. Practice like it’s the real thing so the real thing becomes like practice. Work hard. Play harder. Pray hardest cause man proposes and God disposes lol.

Well there you have it!! Music by Yinoluu !!! To Listen to more of his work, visit his Soundcloud page

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2 comments on “#Spotlight Musiqué by Yinoluu

  1. I’m soooo proud of you Yino!!! You’re going to do great things!


  2. ahhh yino nice one best line still is ” Practice like it’s the real thing so the real thing becomes like practice.” shout out to u and ur work mehn . God bless ur hustle bro


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