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*Kaleidoscope Spotlight* Yusuf Abubakar |Brand Designer of AP ApparelPolo



Who would ever thought The name Yusuf Abubakar would engage in Clothing line design, Brand Designer (AP ApparelPolo) when I mean clothing I am not talking about a common print on a T shirt but rather a well Tailored bespoke tweed Jackets , hand made bespoke shoe amazing Leather T shirt style and he was even recognize on The Nigeria Arise Award for May 3rd. . Being from a northern family one would say he should be more into oil business or rather a pure educationist but rather he chose fashion as a hobby. Yusuf Abubakar is a computer engineering student at university of Northumbria  Newcastle, one would wonder how he got into the line of fashion.

Yusuf Abubakar: Founder Stag House Fashion show one of the biggest independent fashion show in Northeast England  and AP ApparelPolo, He also covered one of  The biggest online magazine in Newcastle ; The Deviant Online Magazine




*What is your motivation and what keeps you going?

Masha Allah I am alive thanks to God that keeps me going, My ambitious family who strive for success in what they do, my friends around me who push the support button, my team, the environment and most important when theirs money more motivation comes in for me that I wouldn’t even deny. But generally speaking God is involved

*Where do you see yourself within the next 5-10 years, do you have a 5-10 year plan as to where you want to be?

With a straight face *wall street* then Beverly hills with a huge headquater in Nigeria hahahah I am joking speaking of long term plan I would wanna look at my short term goal which would accompany the long term one. Like I said before I want AP ApparelPolo to be Africans premium brand and one of the worlds finest Insha Allah.
*How would you describe yourself as a person and then as an entrepreneur?

As a person I think I am more kinda of chilled people think am loud but I think am a bit invasive with ideas no I wouldn’t say invasive I am upfront. As a person I would describe myself as archeologist who is still searching for pharaohs thumb.
As an entrepreneur I take every day as risk and every step as an opportunity and every certain uniqueness as threat. But majorly I look at every point as opportunity and potential success. Learn from mistakes and previous risks.

* What are your opinions/thoughts on the trade/crafts sector in Abuja? And Nigeria?

I think its going well but we lack proper logistics and deliveries, low professionalism in task

*How can we improve it?

We need the right people and the right system to be in place. The main setup system to enable operation to take place. well take for instance light, good road network impressive POS systems in shops. These are the things that count

*Do you have any advice for people who are trying to similar crafts/business?

Please me natural, don’t try to be smart it would only pay you for that day and ruin the rest of your life. And personally if you coming to my line of craft you can join me don’t copy the style oo hahaha. On a more serious note be more focus, believe in what you are doing or what you wanna do make it your hubby and it would be epic. Because you cant go wrong in your hubby. Always put the fear of God and trust and Please if your in school study and get that Paper first that is a prime objective it’s a must to come out with a certificate. Be unorthodox

*Who/what is your inspiration?

5 people I would say; The grace of Living given to me by God, The life style of Prophet Muhammad, Malcom X , My grand father and Grand mother basically my Grand mother was a trade Merchant way back in her days. And Finally DR Abubakar Yusuf Snr (my Dadd)
*Where is your favorite place to be in the world?

Woow for now I would say sleeping in my room, jokes Nigeria I wouldn’t say have a favorite place am yet to go on a world tour only till then, I can say yes this is my favorite place but for now my blood type is green white green Nigeria is where my heart is.
*What do you like most about being a Nigerian ?

I like the fact that we trend setters In any part or place we find ourselves in. we happy people in any condition or situation a Nigerian is. We are survivals and we easily adapt to stuff and Nigerian folks are smart on how they can use a problem to make money with it. God made us great in several ways. Nigerian got bare love for situations Good Bad or Ugly. We strive to get the best of it and we religious again. We simply the best.


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