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#Spotlight Sudbury’s Black Apple Studios | Tattoos x Photography x Street Art



I had the honour of interviewing one of Sudbury’s finest , Rose and Adam of Black Apple Studios ! Enjoy ! 🙂


• Tell me about “Black Apple Studios” ?
Black Apple Studios is a unique arts collective formed by myself (Rose) and Adam (my fiancé).  We are a new cutting edge studio in Sudbury, Ontario whose primary activity is professional custom tattooing. We also do off-beat photography and are the only street art supplies shop north of Toronto. All of this is packed into a totally kiss ass space that is unlike anything Sudbury has seen. We pride ourself in providing quality artistic work with friendly service.
• I find it very interesting that you guys have different things that you do, did you decide to do this after you met or were you guys already doing them before you met?
We have always been artistic people. Since we were kids. I remember Adam always having the coolest skateboard at the skate park because he used to write out his tag name on it with an airbrush. It’s funny because we’ve known each other since we were just teenagers. However, we grew as artists in completely different worlds apart from each other. I went to college and university to pursue my artistic career and taught visual art for three years. I also began offering my services as a professional photographer in 2009. Adam continued to hone his artistic skills and began to study the art of tattooing… and then we met again as two creative adults. So yes, we were both doing these things before we got together.
• (To Rose) What type of photography are you into? Which photoshoot did you have the most fun doing? And if any, which ones did you find a little difficult ?
At heart, I am an alternative photographer. I used to do regular portrait & wedding photography but never fully enjoyed it because it didn’t allow me to really express myself as an artist. Since we opened Black Apple Studios, I have made a commitment to myself to do what I love… and that is off-beat photography. Anything themed and different that allows me to be an artist! To this day, my favourite shoot was the one I did for Adam and I for our engagement. It really also was the most difficult shoot that I’ve done because I had to be on both sides of the lens. We did everything from the styling and makeup to the photography and editing. Setting up a camera on a tripod and putting it on a timer and then running into position was both exciting and difficult, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I love that we shot our own engagement session.
• (To Adam) Tattoos! That’s pretty cool do you think you have more fun at what you do than what Rose does? lol 🙂 Also what tattoos have you done that you’ve had much fun doing and which ones did you find difficult as well if any? 
Art is art! Being creative comes in a variety of shapes and forms. I don’t really know that one is more fun than the other. Ha! As for my favourite piece, I would have to say that one of my more recent pieces is one of my favourites. It’s a watercolour style ballerina. The client came to us after being told by another local artist that he was “the only tattoo artist in town that could do watercolour tattoos” and that for this reason he would have to charge her $280 an hour. I did it for our regular rate of $130 an hour and she was extremely thankful and happy with her tattoo.
watercolour ballerina
” Every tattoo presents own set of unique challenges. The human body and epidermis is a living breathing thing, it’s definitely not like a brick wall or a canvas. ” ~ Adam | Black Apple Studios |
• (To Adam) Tell me more about Graffiti Art, which ones are you most proud of? Include pictures and links as well.
I’ve been into graffiti and urban art since I was a young kid. Watching trains go by was like walking into an art gallery. As a young adult I was fortunate to have lots of local support from friends, family, and local businesses. I’ve done work for Project Dance, the Greater Sudbury Fire Services, the Steelworkers, and more. I’m actually working on something right now for Boo Bah Lou’s Candy Shop Downtown Sudbury. I’ve also done a huge mural in our shop. Because I had full creative liberty with that one, I’d definitely have to say it’s my favourite. I also really enjoyed doing the bus for The Episode.
Work I did for Project Dance
• (To Rose and Adam) To wrap up this interview, do you have any advice, like in general?
Advice? Follow your heart and do what you love. It really is true that if you do something you love, you will never have to work a day in your life. You might also want to keep an eye on Rose – she is currently apprenticing to become a tattoo artist. Judging by her first tattoo, she’s definitely going somewhere with this. Also, don’t be shy and stop by the shop and say hello! We love visitors! Thank you for featuring us on your blog Yvonne. 😉
Awwwww my pleasure 🙂 ! You are more than welcome 
There you have it guys!! 🙂 Black Apple Studios !!! Visit them online at

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