*Kaleidoscope Spotlight* Morris E. ~ The Visuals x Rap Artist(e)



Hellloooo Again 🙂 Today I have Morris E. popularly known as Mo. Illz 🙂 The Visual Artist !! Enjoy !!!


* I have seen a few of your sketches, very impressive I must say, How did that come about ?

A portfolio. A portfolio I was putting together as part of the requirements in a BIT program. I was done making the portfolio but I went on with the “left-over” art supplies I had and I just found myself reliving early school days of my childhood when I was all about art almost like..- It’s coming back-

* When was this ? And you mentioned a BIT program , what is that ?

Early this summer… It’s called “interactive multimedia and design” the name pretty much tells what it’s about

* Oh! interesting ! Your very first sketch was what ? What inspired it ?

Well I don’t know what to call it but was I was trying to work on at that moment was themed Mother Nature. So I made a simple quick sketch of a lady… With a blossoming rose for a head, simple…


* Right now , what type of Art will you say you’re into ?

Surrealism. Rea-llife potraits and 3d , Concept designing as well.

100713 101137 115133

*Nice!! Tell me about the Real Life Portraits, how long does it take you to finish one ,how much have you done so far and of what or who?

So basically.. You are trying to get it done in such a way that whoever knows the face in the portrait could recognize it. Artists take up different amount of time to get a sketch done depending on the size of it and amount of detail you would want to put down in the piece , Like I said earlier.. It’s coming back so I am making my pieces as realistic as possible, easy to recognize and a little bit of detail . You can only do so much when your patience is not that great but yeah.. I’ve done about 6 faces.. About 10 to 14 hours for each .

1175273_204853453010488_1267374709_n 100537

* Out of all the Real Life portraits you’ve done , which one did you have the most fun drawing and why ?

My most fun sketch was of a friend, Particularly cos I freehand sketched it(no grid)


I tried out new shading techniques for the first time and it came out pretty good


* Rumour has it that you have something interesting you do on the side 🙂 tell us more

Hahahaha 🙂 .. Well umm lol 😀 Rumour is a snitch… On the side yeah??… I put 2 and 2 together and let it out to the public , Afro hiphop /rap basically and OHH YEAH!!.. I’d use this opportunity to give a heads up…

*Heads up about ??? An upcoming single maybe ? 😉

It’s a new single and it’s out tomorrow the 20th August 2013 , Let’s keep our fingers crossed.. It’s my first release in 3 years. Hopefully naij peeps in North America can vibe with it .

* *fingers crossed * 🙂 so tell us about the beginning of these 3 years , how did this one come about ???

Well I seem to have gone MIA.. After making promises on live radio about my next project  ,But yeah…. Left naij,Got into Uni here (Canada) had to settle in first.. At least for a while you know.. Know the players.. Know the rules .

*Okay tell us more about this new single , who produced it ? Etc etc ?

It was produced by AYZED, I featured NIVVYG , we love vibes we can turn up to 🙂

here’s a teaser 🙂

Entertainer ~ Mo Illz ft NIVVYG (Produced by AYZED)

*To wrap up this interview, Should we be expecting more from you if so when ?

yeah.. definitely I’m working on some better things , I wouldn’t want to put out dates.. but the mix tape is in works . God willing… more singles…and I might just be having an exhibition in an event near you .

Well there you have it 🙂 Connect with Mo-Illz at

Art Inquiries ;

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