#Spotlight F. Taiwo ~ The Spoken Word Poet + “Letter To My Future Wife” Video Premiere

Hey guys!! I did an interview on one of your favourite spoken word poet from the Toronto region, Fumilade Taiwo popularly known as F. Taiwo. Enjoy!🙂 Read more.

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Hey guys!! I did an interview on one of your favourite spoken word poet from the Toronto region, Fumilade Taiwo popularly known as F. Taiwo.  Enjoyy! 🙂


You’re a an aspiring spoken word poet, how did that come about ?

Poetry came about from early relationships really,girls…lol 🙂 But I took a class in grade 12, opened me up to poetry outside of writing to girls from then, I just kept on writing, about whatever came to mind, watched youtube videos, and here I am today.

Awww!! 🙂 That’s nice, so of recent, what do you find yourself writing about ?

Life experiences, girls still of course, anything that inspires me.

I really like your Am i A Man Video, what Inspired that piece ?

Was really trying to define myself, that whole self-discovery thing. I think that’s what inspired it.

Do you a have piece in particular that you’re most proud of ? If so, which is it and why ?

My poem “Lagos” I believe. I couldn’t sleep one night,still reliving my trip to Lagos last Christmas and I wrote it. I think its the best way I’ve been able to capture anything on paper.

Do you have a video for it already or do you plan on making one ? If so when should we expect it ?

No video yet, I plan on making one as soon as I get to Lagos again. Its my best piece personally and I would want to do it right.

Noo 😦 you’re going to make us wait after such a vivid description ! Least you could do is give us a line from it 🙂

“You know nothing about courage till you’ve sat front seat of yellow buses, the conductor one leg in one leg out the wind in his hair, he knows no fear, singing sweet songs in your ear…Oshodi, Oshodi, Bo le bo le!” ~ Lagos by F. Taiwo

You should let me know when you drop the video !!! Talking about videos, your video ” Letter To My Future Wife” premieres in a few minutes ! Tell us, what it’s about ? What or who inspired it, who it’s dedicated too 🙂 if there is ? 🙂

I will for sure!. It’s about what I would do right in the relationship with her (my future wife).

Aww! 🙂 To wrap up this interview are you going to be performing at any shows or places in the nearest future ? If so when and where ?

September 7th at a banquet at Covenant Chapel in York I believe. 7pm

red carpet starts at 5 30, Dress Code is Formal

To get more info and to RSVP to this event go HERE 


Yes !! the moment we all have been waiting for !!!!!

Letter To My Future Wife Video Premiere

By F. Taiwo


The video was shot and directed by the very talented Seyi Akinlade mostly known as UrkelAce and it features Jamal Bryan on the Saxophone as well as UrkelAce on the piano !

4 comments on “#Spotlight F. Taiwo ~ The Spoken Word Poet + “Letter To My Future Wife” Video Premiere

  1. Sheesh! his spoken word is amazing!


  2. Mma there’s sooo much talent in Canada o. This is so love-ly!!! Spoken word is getting a much-deserved facelift


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