*Kaleidoscope Spotlight* Kayode Fatoba ~ The Successful Optimist

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A while back I did some networking and came across an amazingly ambitious Individual Kayode Fatoba ! 🙂 I was intrigued by the little I read of what he’s done and immediately decided to do a spotlight feature on him! Enjoy 😀


*Who is Kayode Fatoba ?
I guess at the end of the day, we are all really on a road towards finding ourselves and becoming those esteemed ideals. I am thankful for the journey God has placed me on and really all I can say about myself is that i’m a just a person interested in starting something that has the potential of impacting others for generations to come. My goal is to create dream that others can wake up to and live off of.
* Tell me about the North York Elite Soccer Program, what pushed/inspired you to start it, how it came about, trials and tribulations ? tell me all 🙂 .
North York Elite program was a soccer program I started for youths living in the Jane and Finch area of Toronto’s high risk communities. I funded the whole soccer program out of pocket and while it started from just three children, it later grew into becoming much more than that. My inspiration came from a coaching and refereeing certification I received from the City of Toronto as well as my involvement within Westview Centennial Secondary school. I had looked up to coaches Hiue Quach as well as Peter Banhan who were my role models affecting my determination to excel in class. Their characters made me start a soccer lunch tournament in my high school for the students as well as get involved with other programs within my High School like the Students in Action. I believed that with the skills I’ve acquired from playing on Provincial teams like Hearts Azzuri and Glenshields Soccer Club, training these kids and acting like my role models would only create a team that gave the youths of Jane and Finch an open platform for them to be themselves while using soccer as a tool to communicate with them.
          I honestly just decided to do it, I went around the community and asked the local kids if they wanted to be part of a soccer team I was putting together and thought they had some potential. I genuinely believed they were capable of learning something new and becoming one of the best teams out there. In getting positive support, They asked me what the name of the team would be and brain storming began, after coming up with a name, the kids were in charge of designing the logos of the team. I developed creative ways to raise money for what I wanted, but it would all still result in me using most of my money for important necessities. Nets, socks, balls, cones, field booking and much more. The difficulties I felt was most challenging was leading kids that were much older than myself in age with confidence and conviction. The first official sponsor I received was a local Hot Dog vendor, as the community’s support for the team grew, so did the help I started received from parents who did not care to come support their children or put a cent towards their personal growth. The neighborhood was risky so I had to individually walk the kids home to make sure that I can be certain they got home safely. There were a lot of problems that can be noted, but the successes are of more importance because what I saw was a team that celebrated their first year in 7th place out of 10 teams, who came in third in their second year, and whose players started getting recruited to much more advanced teams where they were bred into greater soccer players.

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* You’ve been involved in quite a number of community development organizations, tell me about them.
I’ve been involved with the Youth in Policing program in a lot of different ways, my vision for the growth of the program led me into developing an extensive proposal to the board so that it allowed more leadership and autonomy by the students working along side the Police Department.

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I founded a school club called iVOW ( i Vision One World)  which raised funds for different initiatives. The organization grew remarkable but would face some difficulties that I was not yet matured enough for during that time. I worked with over 100+ volunteers, raised quite a substantial amount and ultimately attempted one of the first large scale event within my university to create community and help a worthy cause. My efforts came remarkably close to succeeding but unfortunately came short as the final act to the whole 24Hr long event held in major parts of the campus was what people remembered. I was saddened, but I knew it was all for a reason, and went back to the drawing table.

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To see more from the event, go here
In trying to create a community, I decided to focus on something small and focus on something I felt was very needed in my university. Which was an organization that focused on the needs of the African community which was steadily growing and becoming a necessity. I created an online platform and invited individuals in the community to dialogue the possibility of the creation of the African Students Association and After a unanimous decision invited key members of the community to start planning towards the creation of the club on campus. ASA grew and become a symbol that represented the interest of members of the Simon Fraser community. I decided to contact UofT as well as YorkU and a couple of other ASA’s regarding to possibility of ultimately becoming one community with a local focus and global impact.
I founded and is current President of SFU`s Alpha Kappa Psi which is the Largest Business Fraternity in the world. The success of this fraternity has allowed us to network with amazing students within the community and is slowly giving me the opportunity to work with individuals all over the world. I really believe that this is going to be something that doesn`t just grow my network tremendously but will connect me with individuals who will affect and impact my future forever.
I understood that my passion for creating something was a trait often associated with entrepreneurs and the story of Sky Nation Systems began. My goal, while working along side my close friend Jerry Agudogo became to put Africa online through the use of software and technology. Our startup company quickly grew within the community, creating solutions for entities focused on African development like the African Entertainment Awards, creating a solid partnership with companies such as Vancity Buzz, DIPT, as well as one of the biggest clubs in Vancouver called 560. We successfully developed Vancouver`s first large scale urban boating event and also secured contracts with entities such as the Redeemed Christian Church of God.
While the company is still in its early stages, we`ve developed quite a number of amazing projects and is slowly growing tremendously. According to the review by biggest events blog in the city, this has created a new culture for Vancouver and shall become one of the pillar events in the city. For me, Sky Nation will become a dream that will not just put Africa online, but become an entity that promotes Africa is a beautiful light within and to the greater global population.

I went from almost doing a successful large scale event, to creating two large scale events in Vancouver. One is Lucky Lady IV and the other is GidiJam, and according to Hugecity it’s now in the TOP 10 events in Vancouver.

* Amongst others, one of your greatest accomplishment is the establishment of an Hospital in Nigeria and I find that extremely amazing !!! How did that come about ?
With regards to building an Hospital in Egbe Ekiti, I do not believe that has been one of my greatest accomplishments because I ultimately believe that anyone in North America can raise money and work with people in Africa to build any type of building the want. My family has a couple of lands in Nigeria and upon conversation about lack of an hospital in my village I asked my father if that can be something we try to accomplish. at the time I was about 15 or 16 and just started my summer job with nothing to spend the money on. I was connected with individuals back home who would send the architectural designs and ultimately oversee the project with supervision from my father. He was proud that I wanted to do this with my money at such an early age in my life and believed that if I held on to that desire for success, i’ll have no problem in my journey towards my future desired success. In conversing with my dad and his desire for me, I believed I wanted to be a doctor, I just couldn’t see it. There are a lot of footages for the hospital especially since it developed into what is now called the Fatoba Foundation. Once I’m ready to release the project to the world, it will make for a greater story.
* You have been selected for quite a few number of awards!! tell me more about that
I am lucky to have been nominated for a lot of things, from Young Leaders of Canada, to Aroni Awards and most notably to be the recipient of the largest scholarship in Canada, the TD  Canada Trust Community Involvement Scholarship. I’ve gotten to opportunity of being featured in a lot of papers be it about an event that could have been amazing or a story that is quite inspiring. I am very thankful for all the support and understand that as I am now finding my own path and understanding my strength, I alone can make the story as remarkable as the world wants it to be.
* You are an extremely successful individual Kayode !! Where do you see yourself in the next 3 to 5 years ?
In the next 3 to 5 years I see myself doing what I enjoy which is running Sky Nation and also studying Corporate Law at a high astute university somewhere around the world. I`ll probably have a part time job doing health policy with the Government with my experience in events, organization, and leadership coming to use along side my Health Science Degree. The possibilities in 3 years is quite exciting, I can only say for sure that God is in control of my destiny, I shall listen, learn and grow to be a vessel capable of the miracle he wants to be made manifest to others about my life.
* To wrap up this interview, do you have any advice for people looking to succeed in any field whatsoever ?
My only advice is to find something that drives you and hold on to it, it might lead to remarkable discoveries of talents and possibilities you didn`t imagine within yourself. If the future is now, then live in the future. My belief is simple, to be ahead of your time, you have to be the head of your time and time as we know it is quite valuable so always make every minute count. don`t worry about failing or trying other roads in life to find your ideal self, because it`s not the failure that matters but what we`ve learnt from it that becomes a true testament of our true successes.
There you have it 🙂 The life and times of Kayode Fatoba, connect with Kayode via twitter at and on facebook at and you could also contact him at 🙂

4 comments on “*Kaleidoscope Spotlight* Kayode Fatoba ~ The Successful Optimist

  1. Just read this on Kayode’s wall, he goes to my university and he’s pretty legit. Very down to earth but seems to always be doing something. I think that he’s very humble because this is really inspires me a lot.

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  2. Kayode will be a very great man, you can tell by the kinds of people he surrounds himself with. My prayer is that he keeps his creativity and meets the right kinds of people that shall help him towards his journey of utilizing his potential. We all miss you at Westview!


  3. He goes to my university, really cool guy who always wears African clothing!


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