Fashion Street Style Special (S.S.S)

S.S.S (Street Style Special) : Lucy Ukpong


Country: Nigerian

School: Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana.

Program: Chemical Engineering.

My style: Through my mother’s eyes “Angel, you dress like an old white woman”. Lol! I love all things Vintage. That’s my style. I really hate to follow the trend cause then, i’d walk on the street and see like ten or more other people dressed like me. And i’d really hate that, in a nice way. I’m not much of a collector but i have a lot of skull printed pieces. You can say i’m a skull collector. (sounds super creepy but yea, that’s me.)

Inspiration: Anything. Anything at all. I could see a butterfly and go “OMG, that’s so beautiful!” and then i get home and say gosh, i wanna look like that butterfly. So yea, i draw my inspiration from anything that excites me. It doesnt even have to be beautiful most times.

Fun stuff: for fun, i love travelling but i don’t even get to travel that much. The irony. Lol!

On the side: Apart from Chemical Engineering, I’m working with my partner on the launch of our clothing line House of Dupv (Dupv is pronounced as Do).

Favourite Quote: I have two. Hay Tiempo Para Todo! (spanish for there is time for everything- Ecclesiates 3:1) and “My tears of pain, I colour them golden so even in pain, i’ll shine.”- Lucy Ukpong.

What are you wearing ?

20121230_175710 20121230_175715

Here I’m wearing a crop top on a denim skirt with block heel sandals.

20131020_092015 20131020_092021

Here I’m wearing a midi tamed-flare dress with a pocket by the side. I was going to church. This dress spells comfort. That’s why I love it. 🙂


This is my black light the olympic Tee dress, very chic right ? 😉




So I’m wearing a Lace top over a brocade (that is what my mum calls these typa wrappers, lol! 🙂 ) wrapper.. This isn’t the conventional way this outfit should look but it’s the 21st century.

About her style ?

Social Links

Twitter- @lucyukpong
Instagram- @bulletproof__lulu

3 comments on “S.S.S (Street Style Special) : Lucy Ukpong

  1. I like the traditional outfit best…


  2. Fashion killa!
    I’m a big fan of Lucy’s!
    I love her style!


  3. lulu baby! you are gorgeous


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