The Kaleidoscopian Presents | Tom Ford – The Cypher |

photo (3)

photo (3)

Art by Cyklone


What’s up people!!!!! 🙂

The Tom Ford Cypher

With all the rap frenzy that has been going on, plus all the new albums that recently dropped, I decided to host a cypher, Why Tom Ford you ask ? Well When  Jay Z’s Album |MAGNA CARTA HOLY GRAIL| dropped, one of the first songs I downloaded was Tom Ford ! And immediately I fell in love with the song and you know jokingly I tweeted that people should rap pon the beat and then I’m like Y’all should do a cypher, then I thought to myself, I know some bad ass MC’s in CA why don’t I host a cypher 😉 and then I started planing  with great minds and you know great minds think alike so you know they bought my idea, this will be the biggest , baddest music collabo in this region because the MC’s I have don’t play !!!! 😀

My Line up !!!!!

1. The Very Talented UrkelAce

Ace is very talented!!! Most of y’all don’t know this side of Seyi but he has bars

Recovery Tale was and is still a jam man

2. Esqxr de la grande

Esquire flowsss, he has this finesse you ain’t ever seen

3. The Certified bad guy Ife BOS 

BOS goes hard !! His mixtape All or Nothing had sick reviews like no other bruh !!

and last but not least

4.  Efiziculture 

Deola is amazingg !! once I heard her I immediately asked that she be on it, and she accepted

I’m gonna need you to understand that these people don’t play 🙂


For the beat, I had Zero Music’s beat guru PAblo  take the Tom Ford beat and turn it cypher-like and as always nailed it

Here’s a snippet 😉

VIDEO DROPS 12:00 am !! Just Wait on it ! 🙂

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