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*Kaleidoscope Spotlight* Kings College | by Dr Flow x King BackWoodz



Art by Mo-illz


Helloo!! 🙂 Today I have  Dr Flow and King Backwoodz of Hip Hop Culture House Kings College” ! Enjoy 🙂


*Tell me about Kings College, What is Kings College ? How did it come about ? What and what led to it etc etc ? 

Dr Flow : Kings College is a hip-hop collective comprised of myself and King Backwoods and it came about pretty naturally. We met and became homies in Grade 12 and eventually finished in 2010, going to the same university in the capital. Back then, he was making his laps in the underground circuit and used to put his albeit shitty quality songs on the internet lool, gradually I became a fan of his rapping ability and his charisma on the mic.
We were both fans of the culture and in the winter of 2012, I used to go to his crib to chill and he used to play beats off Youtube and we would have freestyle sessions; eventually the chemistry clicked and we decided to form a group when I heard this one beat which became “The Explanation”

* The Explanation was a dope piece !! When y’all dropped it, everyone was on it and the reviews were great, Tell me what Inspired this song ?

King Backwoodz : Backwoods had this short-lived affair and they were just going back & forth mistaking love for lust and lying to themselves.

Dr Flow: yeah appreciate the props. was a similar situation but with two different women. The first verse was me explaining to Girl A the reasons I took her down that road knowing fully well I had no intention of committing- just your basic douchebag story. The last verse was directed at a friend, hence much more personal and was more about me tryna transfer my guilt to her, blaming my actions on her desire for materialistic love and a social relationship.

*Okay Tell me about Weapons of Mass Instruction, What’s the story behind the name, Like why did you title it that, and the piece itself ?

Dr Flow: During one of my internet crate-digging sessions, I found this beat that contained a sample from the documentary: Music is the Weapon which is about the musical and political career of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. Fela holds a special place in our hearts as he’s not only a musical revolutionary but we share a common heritage and we grew up listening to him. I remember walking the streets of Lagos where I was raised, and would hear either “Zombie” or “Water No Get Enemy” playing loudly and people just reacting to it in a positive way, like it was the perfect soundtrack to describe the hustle and daily grind of the city.
We mostly choose our song titles after we write the lyrics, which in this case was themed around our love and passion for hip-hop music and our desire to be the best cats in the game. Hiphop is a jungle and you’ve got to eliminate the competition to thrive. Hence, this was our way of killing the competition and letting the ones that stand know we mean business at the same damn time (in future’s voice). So we basically flipped the title of the documentary to suit our message while maintaing the integrity of the sample and what Fela stood for.

* 4thaYUTH has a dope bridge, very catchy!! What’s the story behind this piece ?

Dr Flow:  We wrote that early summer and it was about how we were living at the time especially the hook and bridge. That was really what we did on a daily basis for those months except the sex part, I ain’t on no Lex Steele shit mehn.
Its also sort of an attempt to portray the youth of today from our perspective; vices, triumphs, dreams and all. The bridge is a reference from my favourite Kendrick Lamar record “Poe Mans Dreams [His Vice]” with my little creative spin on it. I wanted to make the song have some features of an anthem for when we’re performing at shows. They’re really easy to recite and enables us engage and interact with the crowd better.
One of our finest moments as a duo, I must say. Long live the youth!!

*d.i.p ft. YETI is my Jammmmmm!!! King Backwoods went hard with the intro ! What’s the story behind the Title and the song ?

King Backwoodz: first of all for people that don’t know , the explanation is actually a sequel to this song . My whole verse is essentially about the same woman in the explanation and the genesis  of our unhealthy affair . lies continued to feed our selfish desires (sex). i also wrote the hook to detail the back and forth dilemma our brief and dishonest relationship was facing at the time.

Dr Flow:d.i.p is short for drug-induced poetry, a phrase that stood out to me while I was listening to J.Cole’s “Truly Yours” project. After hearing Backwoods verse and the hook which was originally supposed to be sung by a male lead, I wrote my verse accordingly, delving deeper into the origins of my “trust issues” for lack of a better term. The lyrics portray one of my earliest relationships and was the closest I’ve been in love with another woman; physically, mentally and spiritually.
YETI was in the city while we were recording, and we decided to get her on the hook instead which turned out to be the right decision. After the final pieces were added, and I listened to the mastered version it felt more like an piece of art with real emotions behind it and didn’t just think of it as any other song, even though it is haha. Hence, we called it drug-induced poetry, which is what it is, literally. Love can sometimes be an intoxicating drug, no?

* Auto Pilot just dropped, what do you think people are going to think about this one, what type of response are you planning to get from the masses, and what’s the story behind this one ?

King Backwoodz: Autopilot to me is just kings college in our natural element , its all about grabbing that mic turning that beat up and just rapping. its what we love to do , its easy for us , on this track we cruise control if I may say. hence the title of the song from my perspective . I did what I always like to do , I brought that backwoods flow  cos even though we on cruise control we still come hard with them bars cos we hungry and got something prove to ourselves above all. 

Dr Flow:  [laughing] He said it all but to add my two cents. We make music for ourselves, our friends and anybody who wants to lend an ear. Hiphop is clogged up nowadays,what with the advancement of technology and all the individuals out there chasing the fake glamour and all that shit that comes with being called a ‘rapper’. I’m not tryna knock anyone’s hustle, please chase your dreams for whatever reasons you desire, but the essence of hiphop which imo is masterful truthful storytelling using the words in your reportoire over dope instrumentals, is what we embody deliver on “AUTOPILOT” and all our records essentially. The beat was produced by my good friend Dylan King who also masters our records, and it felt so natural and what I imagine would be like flying a plane on autopilot. The hook is simply the mantra we live by and I quote “Wejustyoungniggastrynagetit”. The Nina Persson sample at the end was a personal stroke of genius/luck as I was watching Mad Men on Netflix and it was the closing soundtrack to one of the episodes in either Season 2 or 3, can’t really remember.

* Who are your influences in the music industry ? And why ?

Backwoods: Nas, kdot, joey badass, the wu-tang clan, asap ferg , I’m influenced by the culture as a whole but those ones give me inspiration .

Dr Flow: Kanye , Drake, and King krule (as of recent). Because they’re artistically sound individuals and creatively genius in their broach of often under-addressed common cultural issues in not just music but life in general; and in sometimes pleasant, or abrasive, yet truthful manners as they see fit.

* This past summer , a lot of dope rap albums dropped !! Which ones did you like the most and who were they by ?

Backwoodz: Born sinner and Yeezus. Content and production.

Dr Flow: Yeezus & W.M.W.T.S.O by Mac Miller. Experimenting the boundaries of how they delivered the music.

* A little birdie told me that y’all have a mixtape coming out soon! 😉 Do tell about that, what is it called, who’s gonna be working on it with you guys, etc etc ?

Dr Flow : You have to tell me how you have eyes&ears everywhere. I’d like to say we’ve been working on this tape for about 2 years now, but the clear vision and direction came around late august/early september and although we suffered a few setbacks with our recording situation, I’m pleased to say the tape is almost in its final stages of completion. We don’t have a name yet and I’m pretty sure we won’t until the final pieces are added and the body of work comes together as a whole so I’m not even gonna give a date but you’ll know when it drops. We’re gonna be working with mostly local producers like So Durand, Mystère, jremedy and Mr coolvin who we’ve become friends with along this journey so its a really cohesive yet diverse sound. but they’re some classic joints on here that are from producers on the interwebz

*Do y’all have any future plans for Kings College, if so, Do Tell!

Backwoods: Just to keep creating and evolving artistically

*Well said Backwoodz ! To wrap this up, do you have a favourite saying ? If so what is it and who’s it by ?

Backwoods: I don’t fucks with any of those. Anything can happen.

Dr Flow: Lmao. They change by the wind, for now its “All we wanted was the opportunity” – Rick Ross. Self-explanatory.

well there you have it guys!! Official insight on Kings College 🙂

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