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TEHILAH by Tehilah | Fall Collection 2013

image (4)

image (4)


The EDEN jumpsuit

Debb (Two Piece)

Jessie ( Two Piece)


The MIA dress

The ZOE dress

The AUBREY dress

The DIANE dress

The ABBY dress

RUBY ( Two Piece) 

The VICTORIA dress


Models : Arafat Aboyeji & Theodora Odikpo

Photocreds : Urkelace Images


Some pieces from this collection and a lot more are now being sold in thier Etsy Store

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3 comments on “TEHILAH by Tehilah | Fall Collection 2013

  1. I don’t know of a word to describe the level of hotness here! My soul wanted to jump into my PC monitor! 😀
    Awesome set


    • I felt the exact same way when I first saw the collection, The designer is only 17 and she is this talented!! I’m amazed 🙂 and very happy for her!!


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