Fashion Give Away

A Severe Nature Giveaway !!!


Hey Guyssss!!!! Today I’m giving away the Severe Nature WildGang Crewneck from their F/W 2013 Collection


photo 1


photo 2


Only three rules to enter this giveaway.

* Must be following @Kaleidoscopian_ and @SevereNature on Twitter 🙂

* Share this post and add #SNGiveaway


*Leave a comment telling me what you think Christmas is about 🙂

Good luck and Merry Christmas 😀

*The winner will be announced on Christmas Day and contacted via twitter 🙂

note this giveaway is only applicable to people in Canada and the States

To view more from their collection visit them at

4 comments on “A Severe Nature Giveaway !!!

  1. Christmas is about the love of God and the reason he gave us jesus christ celebrating his birth by telling people about him and by sharing gifts as a sign of love.


  2. As the saying goes “He is the reason for the season”. Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Christ and spreading His love. it is a time to reach out and share the gifts of our Savior; love, forgiveness, compassion and kindness.


  3. Christmas is about love, sharing, spending time with your loved ones. Most importantly, remembering the reason why you made it the whole year!


  4. Emeka Ogbowu

    Christmas is about the birth of Christ


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