L’AVIYE™ | Exceptional handmade African-inspired jewellery and accessories


L’AVIYE™ is a premium jewellery & accessories line specialising in handmade African-inspired fashion. With each piece handcrafted to perfection, L’AVIYE™ reflects an unrivalled combination of trend and style.


(Model wears Savanna brooch, hoop earrings & bangle)

Thier unique designs are made in the UK using carefully selected, high quality African-inspired fabrics and finished with meticulous attention to detail; creating bespoke jewellery & accessories that embrace vibrant colour and rich vivid tones. Previously known as Accessories by Abiye, thier brand is excitingly exotic and innovative.

With L’AVIYE™, experience an exclusive range of unique jewellery – rich in colour and exquisite in design and add a vibrant and distinctive finish to any ensemble.

Abiye-Yvonne Dede, the founder & creative designer says, ‘‘L’AVIYE™ is a line I’m really proud of. With L’AVIYE™, I wanted to push the boundaries of West African-inspired jewellery & accessories to a higher standard of quality. Coming from a West African background, I’ve always been fascinated by the vast African culture and it is my dream to share my passion for the African print fabric with everyone who wears any piece from L’AVIYE’’.

Laviye 2

  1. Alyssa brooch/hairclip
  2. Sienna stud earrings
  3. Aryanna statement triangle earrings
  4. Layla rhinestone bracelet
  5. Balera statement necklace
  6. Savanna hoop earrings
  7. Sienna statement triangle earrings
  8. Layla bangle
  9. Balera rhinestone bracelet

Thier jewellery & accessories are available to purchase at:

Laviye 3

(Model wears Alyssa statement necklace, earrings & bangles).

Follow LAVIYE on thier social media pages for more information on giveaways, flash sales & other new, exciting updates:







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