RedCrown Co. | L O Y A L T Y ~ Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

RedCrown WF

Canadian based brand RedCrown just released their new Fall/ Winter collection. This collection is unique, the graphics and detailing are insane , This collection my friends I like


Kings Hand Crewneck


 Made In China T-Shirt


Sovereign Long Sleeve T-Shirt


RedCrown Pullover Hoodie – Olive Green x Charcoal Grey

(it is also available in black)


RedCrown Coach Jacket


(L O Y A L T Y – RedCrown Fall/Winter Collection Video

To support the release, they dropped a video entitled “Loyalty” which shows a group of diverse individuals with similar passions, common goals, and to be loyal to one another above and beyond. Shot in Toronto, Ontario the video features the RedCrown Squad Coach Jacket.

To connect with Redcrown

Website |

Shop |

Facebook |

Twitter |

Tumblr |


What do you think ?

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